New Meeting Point Lounge

Step into a world of refined indulgence in our restaurant's exclusive rooms. Embrace the allure of intimate elegance as you savor culinary artistry tailored exclusively for you.


Price : 40,000/=

This is a private room reserved for special guests, celebrities, or high-paying customers who desire a more exclusive and intimate dining experience. Features in this package include:

  • Breakfast & Tea

  • Hot/Warm bathing water/shower
  • Television
  • A table
  • Dedicated waitress


Price: 40,000/=

This is a room reserved for guests for short notice like hours.

  • Tv

  • room
  • Bed 
  • Branket and sheets
  • Hot water
  • Dedicated waitress


Price: 20,000/=

This is an ordinary room which is available for everyone.

  • shower
  • bed
  • Toilet

Any time towards your reserved Date.

Yes, you are allowed for all the time you will be with us .

It depends which kind of room you have reserved. Foexample, ordinary and short VIP, there is no breakfast but for VIP rooms, breakfast is attached there.

No, spa and sauna are paid differently at time for entry.

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